Story of the empty nesters....

The East Harriet 365 Project

East Harriet 365 was a collaborative effort of photographers who have committed jointly to take a picture a day, for an entire year, of people, places and events that make East Harriet our home. Below are some Wednesdays from the year.

Last Cast of the Day
This isn't up north, nor a scene from a Minnesota Critical Habitat license plate. Its not even a picture off an old Schmidt beer can. This is Lake Harriet, where the late September sun dances off the big top of the bandshell, casting long shadows upon the solemn silhouettes. According to the Minnesota DNR, the southwest Minneapolis chain of lakes are not only the crown jewels of the park system, they also happen to be excellent fishing lakes. Lake Harriet offers great shore fishing for muskies, bass, sunfish, perch, and walleyes.  In late fall, you can catch walleye at dusk by casting a large minnow hooked on a floating jib about 15 inches above a slip sinker. (As someone in a bait shop or tackle store to show you this rig.) Who says you can't have it all in the city?  From here, we can even walk back to our cabins.

Desire under the Elms

Sunlight shines through bright yellow leaves on a crisp late fall day. This tree's autumn splendor can't be taken for granted for this majestic elm is located away from the boulevard on a property line, providing a lush canopy for two entire backyards. In an attempt to save it from the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease, the tree is treated yearly by a professional Arborist who injects chemicals along the root flare.

Don't you just love that wet dog smell
The first measurable rainfall in weeks didn't deter Bebe and Stella (not pictured, but hiding behind the shed) from frolicking in the backyard. Bebe's eyes always look sad, but this really is one happy, wet dog. Running around the damp leaves gives them a swishing sound rather than a crunchy one, sort of like a soggy bowl of cereal. The dogs just finished about a half an hour of swishing. The weather has been glorious lately here in the land of extremes. Remember the oppressive summer? Then there's last winter. Remember all the rocking and digging (and later repairing) of stuck cars on impassable side streets? This season's forecast calls for more of the same. Cherish these days.  For a short time at least, you're not asking yourself, "and why do we live here?"

We Wish you a Merry Christmas
There's still a week and a half until Christmas Eve with so much shopping to do.  While we're all feeling a little stressed because there's nothing under the tree yet, at least Santa, Shrek, George Bailey and Pee Wee Herman are in a festive mood. Looks like they've gotten into the egg nog a bit. Have they all been good little boys? Is this a Christmas office party gone wrong? Can't you just imagine the conversation?

Maryjo Hackett